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  "The first attempt was the presentation of a MEMORIAL to the Hon. William H. Taft, Chairman    of the Second Philippine Commission, who came to visit the capital of Capiz for the purpose of    organizing the local government in accordance with President William McKinley's instructions . . .

    "The first Memorial fro the separation of Aklan was received by the Honorable Chairman during the JUNTA MAGNA held at the Gran Teatro Capiceņo . . . . The Aklan delegation which submitted the historic Memorial was headed by Don Natalio B. Acevedo. With the delegation was Prof. Simeon Mobo Reyes who acted as spokesman of the Aklanons. The Capiz Central Committee was composed of Dr. Simplicio Jugo Vidal as Chairman, Atty. Alejandro Pardo, Don Antonio Habana, Capitan Jose Albar and Don Eleuterio Acuna as members . . . . This Memorial, however, was politely disapproved by the Second Philippine Commission after hearing the remarks of Dr. Jugo Vidal . . . . In the afternoon, Mr. Taft proclaimed the appointments of Dr. Simplicio Jugo Vidal as provincial Governor, Don Alejandro Pardo as Provincial Fiscal and Prof. Simeon Mobo Reyes as Provincial Secretary, and four Americans as District Engineer, Provincial Treasurer, Provincial Commander and Provincial Auditor to complete the first Provincial Board of Capiz Province.

    "Again, seeing that there was an opportunity in 1920, Representatives Jose Alba Urquiola and Eufrocino Alba for the Second and Third Districts of Capiz, respectively, presented a bill for the separation of Aklan. This bill was considered inopportune owing to the political influence of the Capiceņos of the Ilayan section who were then in power.

    "Other attempts were made by Representatives Manuel Laserna and Teodulfo Suņer from the Third District of Capiz, in 1925 and 1930, but their bills of separation met the same fate as that of the Urquiola-Alba Bill. . . .

    "And the third attempt was made under good auspices. Having elected an Anti Representative in the person of Dr. Rafael Tumbokon . . . who was in good graces with President manuel L. Quezon, a bill for the separation of Aklan . . . was presented . . . . Unfortunately, he was not able to push it through. . . .

    "Again, the most auspicious time came when the Nacionalistas gained control of the government under . . . President Ramon Magsaysay.

    "In conformity with the wishes and clamour of his constituents, in order to fulfill a commitment on the issue of separation, Congressman Godofredo P. Ramos of the Third District of Capiz, presented Bill No. 334 to separate the Aklan section of Capiz to be an independent province."


Excerpted from
Fragments of the Philippine Revolution (in Capiz) and a
Brief Historical Account of the Separation of Aklan to be a Province

by Digno Alba, Manila, 1955,  pp. 14-17.