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   Aklanweb                       an online review of 
        Aklanon history and culture

R E F E R E N C E S 

Some of the following texts are basic texts in the study of Aklanon history and culture (especially its so-called pre-hispanic past, the most interesting part).  

Some texts are available at university/college libraries or at the National Library in Manila.


Alba, Digno. Fragments of the Philippine Revolution (in  Capiz)     
     and a Brief Historical Account of the Separation of Aklan to be
     a Province
. Manila, 1955.

________. Paging Datu Kalantiao in the New Province of Aklan
     Manila, 1956.

Barrios, John E., Melchor F. Cichon, and Dominador I. Ilio. The
     Katipunan in Aklan.
Manila: National Centennial Commission,

De la Cruz, Beato A. Contributions of the Aklan Mind to
     Philippine Literature
. San Juan, Rizal [Metro Manila]:
     Kalantiao Press, 1958.

De la Cruz, Beato and R. David Paul Zorc.  A Study of the                   
     Aklanon Dialect
. Kalibo, Aklan: Public Domain, 1968.

De la Cruz, Roman A. Seven and a Half Centuries of Noise (or        
     The Story of Aklan Ati-atihan)
. Kalibo, Aklan: Macar Enterprises. 
     No date.

Monteclaro, Pedro Alcantara.  Maragtas, or History of the Island    
     of Panay from the First Inhabitants and the Bornean  
     Immigrants from whom the Visayans Descended, to the 
     Arrival of the Spaniards
. [1907] Translated by Manuel Carreon.
     Manila: Philippine Executive Commission, Department of
     Education, Health and Public Welfare, 1943. Typescript.

Pavon, Jose Maria.  Las Antiguas Leyendas de la Isla de Negros
. Typescript copy at the University of the Philippines 
     Main Library. [N.B. At the request of the webmaster, the University 
     of Florida donated a bound copy of this two-volume manuscript to
     the National Library of the Philippines

Scott, William Henry. Prehispanic Source Materials for the Study
Philippine History
. Revised Edition. Quezon City: New Day
     Publishers, 1984. 
Soncuya, Josue.  "Historia Prehispana de Filipinas contenida 
     en la Conferencia sobre la isla de Panay, los Bisayas y la
     Monarquía, Explicación del Triunvirato de Reyes en Manila"
Boletin de la Sociedad Historico-geografica de Filipinas.
     Vol. 1, No. 5.  August 1917.