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Note:   The Code of Kalantiao is reproduced in this site with the reminder that it has been found to have no historical validity. No serious historian today accepts its existence or authenticity.

  1. You shall not kill, nor steal, nor wound the aged, or you shall be in danger of death. Whoever shall transgress these laws shall die by being drowned in a river with a stone or in boiling water.

  2. You shall comply with all your debts due to the chief by fully paying said obligations. Whosoever is in default shall be lashed one hundred times for the first offense. If the debt is considerable, the offender's hand shall be put into boiling water. For the second offense he shall die by being beaten.

  3. You shall obey by not having wives who are very young or more wives than you can take care of, nor shall you indulge in excessive lust. Whosoever shall not comply, obey and follow shall be sentenced to swim for three hours, and for the second offense, he shall die by being beaten with thorns.

  4. You shall follow and obey: You shall not disturb the peace of the graves; upon passing by them, you shall respect them in the caves or trees where they may be. Whosoever violates this law shall be put to death by being exposed to ants or by being beaten with prongs.

  5. You shall obey: Barters for food shall always be complied with strictly and to the letter. Whosoever violates this agreement shall be beaten for one hour. Whosoever shall repeat the offense shall be exposed to the ants for one day.

  6. You shall be obliged to revere sacred places of trees of well known value and other spots. Whosoever shall not comply shall pay with his labor for one month., in gold or honey; for the second offense he shall become a slave.

  7. The following shall suffer death: Whosoever shall fell trees of venerable aspect; whosoever at night shoot arrow at the aged and women; whosoever shall enter the chief's dwelling without permission; whosoever shall kill a shark or strip a crocodile.

  8. Whosoever shall kidnap the wives of chiefs shall be reduced to slavery for one year; the same penalty shall be imposed upon whosoever shall keep dogs that have beaten chiefs and whosoever burns another's crop.

  9. The following shall be beaten for two days: Whosoever shall sing as he travels at night or shall kill manual birds, or shall tear the documents of the chiefs or who shall tell lies with malice aforethought.

  10. It shall be the duty of every mother to secretly impart sex education to her daughters and prepare them for womanhood; for men to refrain from being cruel or punishing their wives when caught in adultery.

  11. The following shall be burned at the stake: Whosoever shall, by force or trickery, baffle or elude punishment, or shall kill two children, or shall attempt to kidnap the elder's wives.

  12. The following shall be drowned: All slaves who resist their superiors or owners or masters; whosoever shall abuse their lust; whosoever shall kill their idols by breaking or throwing them away.

  13. The following shall be exposed to ants for one half day: Whosoever shall kill cats during the New Moon, or shall steal things pertaining to the chiefs and elders, however small and inexpensive they may be.

  14. Whosoever, having beautiful daughters, shall not consent to their marriage to the chief's sons or shall hide them in bad faith, shall be reduced to slavery for life.

  15. Concerning beliefs and superstitions: Whosoever shall eat the bad meat of sacred animals, and herbs that are reputed to be good; whosoever shall kill manual chickens or white monkeys shall be whipped.

  16. Whosoever shall break wooden or clay idols at their altars and places of offerings; or whosoever shall destroy the spear of priestesses with which to kill pigs, or shall break drinking vessels shall have their fingers cut off.

  17. Whosoever shall profane places where sacred things of idols and chiefs are buried shall be put to death. Whosoever shall let his bowels moved or urinate on said spots shall be burned at the stake.

  18. Whosoever shall fail to execute these mandates, if he be a chief, shall be stoned and crushed to death, and if he be an elder shall be thrown into a river to be devoured by sharks and crocodiles.

Copy of Code taken from
Digno Alba,  Paging Datu
Kalantiao in the New Province of Aklan. (Manila, 1956), pp. 17-18.